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Old Thermoflex expansion ? 26 liner in a 27 shell ??


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So, my old boots are absolute toast, and I'm not ready to invest in a brand new pair (mostly because I'm really unsure what will work and fit best), so I'm trying to find a way to make what's available work at least temporarily. I have always ridden and want to stay with a softer hardboot so I'm pretty much looking at older SB Raichle/Deeluxe (though not ideal for my foot shape) .  I've scoured the forums for info, compared with previous boots, and as a result I now probably have more questions than answers but I'll try to focus on the main issue/question here. My feet measure 26.7 and 27.1 so from what I've been reading, I think I'd probably be best off with a 26 shell in the Raichle/Deeluxe boots. And so of course everything I'm now finding for sale is listed as a 9 or 27 ! 1 pair of 324s are listed locally dirt cheap, and Snowjob1 has a nice pair of Track 225s (28.5 liners ?).  I have an almost new (maybe moulded once?) pair of the old Raichle Thermoflex liners in a 26.0  I'll try to load a pic or two shortly. SO MY QUESTION IS HOW MUCH DO THE OLD THERMOFLEX LINERS EXPAND WHEN HEATED? WILL THEY EXPAND ENOUGH TO FILL A 27 SIZE SHELL OR WILL THEY BE SLOSHING AROUND IN THERE? Also the 26.0 liners are a pretty close fit but I'm pretty sure I read that's the way they should be before moulding. Is that correct? Will the inner dimensions stretch a little to accommodate a toe cap etc. ?? Is there another "high volume" liner that would work better? I've had great experience with a couple of pairs of thermo liners and have no problem buying new liners if it'll work. Any helpful info is greatly appreciated 

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6 hours ago, ziolino66 said:


They may fill the voids at first, but will likely pack in very quickly, leaving the foot rattling around in the liner, and the liner rattling around in the shell.

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I have size 9 1/2 US feet, and have used both 26.5 and 27.5 Raichle Boots with Thermoflex liners.  There are different volumes in liners.  In the 27.5 Raichles, I used an additional insole from another boot, and you could also use a footbed.  I use 4 toes cut out from sweat socks just past the ball of the foot to give me wiggle room and also fill up the additional toe room in the boot.  I can't remember what size the thermoflex liner was that I used in that pair of boots, and they're 1000 miles away.  In the 26.5 I use the thinnest pair of Thermoflex that I've had in size 8.

I've have picked up all of my Thermoflex _ Intuition liners from Play It Again Sports and thrift shops in old Deluxe or Raichle softboots.  Usually around $20 including the boots.  Boots are a throw away or a donation.

With a straight up 27 (not 27.5) you should be pretty good with the liner pushed with the toes and an additional insole and/or footbed.

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