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Tuning and edges


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Just rode 5 days at Big Sky. They have very light coverage right now and it did not snow while we were there, so I ended up in the Hardboot the whole time..... this morning I noticed it was hard to hold an edge so I ran my hand down that edge and noticed it’s not exactly sharp anymore. I guess I need to sharpen that edge and I have a swix kit with 3 stones with different angles. So what angle are you supposed to put on a Kessler 162?

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i went back over my emails with the person from whom I bought the board before selling it to you, and I had asked him what the angles were but he said he couldn’t remember. He did seem I recall the base was 1*, but couldn’t recall the edge angle.

I tested it by marking a short section of edge with a sharpie and passing a diamond stone over it at 2*, and it seemed to take the sharpie off evenly, so I went with the assumption that it was 2*; it always only took me a few light passes to get the edge back to decently sharp so I think it was a safe guess. 

Never touched the base angle when I owned that board, so can’t vouch for the 1* guess. 

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This site is also good for a view of the whole process; for instance, you may not want to get into doing your base angles, but it’s nice to know about it for context. 


Read chapters 6 & 7 at least, base and edge tuning, will only take about 5 minutes.

Broadly speaking, you’d use the file as a first step to either restore a badly damaged edge or change the angle altogether, and use diamond stones instead of the file to maintain and re-sharpen an edge that’s already set to a particular angle but has gotten dull, provided there’s no burrs from rocks, etc., those will trash a diamond stone and need to be knocked down first.


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