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Looking for a photo...


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Does anyone know where I can find this particular photo... I have some specifics:

  • It was on the old bomberonline forum before I had an account
  • It was in the "monthly photo contest" where the wittiest caption would win .. something (?)
  • It was of a relatively long Virus (Corey thinks Volkl though) snowboard, black
  • There was a gun in the background, I think
  • There may or may not have been (read: definitely was) a reasonably fit looking scantily clad female human being holding said snowboard. Possibly wearing a red undergarment, which covered less than or equal to 0.01% of her external visible epidermis


Snow season means I need a new background for my phone. This is the one.

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1 hour ago, Corey said:

Oddly enough, that was a memorable picture. I think it was a Volkl. 

But, as a phone background? 

Ha. Maybe not as a phone background. But... Maybe.

Hmm I'm almost certain it was a Virus. Well, both start with V, I'm most likely wrong. Don't have the best memory. 

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13 hours ago, daveo said:

There was a gun in the background, I think

Luv ya Bro, But Seriously!      Of all the things to see in that photo I never saw that!!   I had to go back and look for "A Gun"  aka: rifle with scope pointing at her.....Assets!


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