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10/14 Nirvana


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I think the base 12/14 isn't suited for narrow runs. Since I don't have the luxury of riding wide runs on a regular basis so I'm looking for feedback from anyone riding an Energy or VCam with a 10/14 side cut before I pull the trigger on a new board.  


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If you are dealing with narrow runs, consider an AMT.  It's basically the Nirvana construction as far as I understand it, but shorter and with a tighter sidecut.  I have both a Nirvana 12/14 and an AMT with the XT sidecut, and I know I prefer the latter when things are tight.

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I have a 164 VSRAM with the 9/12 sidecut...great nimble board.

Had a Nirvana Balance 10./12.7/12 that was too stiff and I did not like the hook at the tail.

Looking for feedback from anyone with a 10/12, 10/14 VCAM or Energy who may be riding on similiar narrower runs. 

I typically bail out of rhythmic turns after three or four turns and start searching out terrain to make spiral/curl turns depending on the features.  I am looking for feedback on the liminations that a progressive sidecut presents in terms of completing a turn.  From reading board reviews it seems like the higher progressive sidecuts 16m+ tend to straighten out the tail and provide acceleration coming out of a turn but challenge the rider to finish a full half circle turn.

Just getting my ducks in a row before discussing my next board with Bruce.

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