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182 NSR+ Asym.


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For sale to good home:

182 NSR w/Asym core regular rider (probably has a total of 15-20 rider days on it). Was built for me at 170lbs. It is in great shape and rides awesome.

See photos. I am not sure what to post this for, so make me an offer.




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Update - sold items
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10 hours ago, yamifumi said:

What is the waist width? Model year? SCR?

It is an NSR+ASYM 182 with a 21cm waist built in 2010. I believe it was nose at 15m waist at 17m and tail at 21m. It does not like tight turns. It likes the long carves. In CO it was an awesome ride, but here in MN it is 6 turns and your at the bottom.

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I have a fleet of boards I could work out a trade

among them

kessler SL that comes with a set of hangl plates cant find any 4x4 inserts under the top sheet so it comes with the hangls, not much edge left on the board, could get another season out of it though. 

 A unity dominion 180 (a big softboot ride) 26 cm waist

an essentially new Glass coiler AM, It has one run on it I think... there’s no marks so it may of not ever been ridden. Was built for my wife she ended up sticking with skis.

need boots? I have a set of head stratos pros in good shape. Size 28-285 with thermo liners. 


Not really after the bindings, just the board.

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howdy bobdea

I know the board is not for sale , but interested in the specs of the Glass coiler AM. i'm a light weight

and just dreaming... year, length, waist, scr, built for pound... sorry for the hi-jack...

someone here was looking for a gs board... should grab this 182 nsr...

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