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Indianhead (bigsnow) getting some too. $15 lift tickets M-W if ordered online. Definitely open. I was there yesterday and planning tomorrow with rwmarron. More snow forecast for Wed, then Thurs/Fri, so might be pretty good by this weekend. Rumor that Al might have a posse of out-of-town carvers visiting this weekend.

Keep your mittens on, stay outside and don't touch your face.

Sorry, don't know what Lutsen's like lately. I suspect they had the same rain and melting last week. Looks open on the webcam today.

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Maybe 6-7" of wet snow at Lutsen from the storm. Icy groom on Eagle Mt, but much better on Moose Mt. We got sun rather than the forecast clouds. It warmed up to 45° for surfy slush slarving and deep trenches with no ice base!


Gusty 35kt winds kept the gondola down and later shut down 2 more chairs. 

I need to remind myself to go straight over to Moose in the future, even if I have to use that 2 mi cat track access trail when the gondola is down. The snow softens earlier in the sun there and the runs are nice and wide. Without the gondola, everyone had to use the Moose return cat track that has some uphill sections you have to walk up. Then, with the Bridge chair shut down, we had to ride back to the main lodge in a sleigh towed by a cat.

It was a fun day. Lottsa snow on the hill still. Not crowded either.


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