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  1. Up for sale is a 188 Coiler Carbomonster. It’s a Plankenstein on steroids. 188 length 23.5 cm waist, metal construction,VSR, (id gues 14-15 m radius) turns super easy for its length, crazy light. Maybe 6 days total on it. Couple minor scuffs on top sheet but in excellent condition. Asking $650 OBO shipped to the conti us.
  2. Kurt, Emailed you with door knob trade info!! Hi Geoff!
  3. Hi Kurt! I bought this from Madd Mike at one on the SES sessions in aspen years ago, not sure how many previous owners but its in great condition. 8-9 out of 10.

  4. Since there is a Madd love fest going on over here in the vintage section, I decided to add mine. Up for sale is a 182 , “Shagmaster” 19 width, stainless inserts , excellent base factory structure. Asking $500 OBO shipped to the conti US.
  5. Mr. T


    Both are pending..
  6. Got out yesterday to a -12F sunshiney start. Had a chat with Scott C, then laps on 2 until frozen, which took about 2 hours. Grooming was mostly great and the cold was pretty bearable until the wind picked up.
  7. Mr. T


    Price drop, open to offers!!
  8. Hi Finny!!! Been too long! I'll take F if it's still available. Woops, maybe not... How about B and D?
  9. Mr. T


    After my frozen cord experience a few weeks ago, expectations were low yesterday but grooming and conditions were Phenomenal Yesterday. Things got busy around noon but no big lines, ended up staying till 5.
  10. Mr. T


    Selling two pairs of TD2’s, both stepins. 0, 0, 3, 6 deg. Cant plates, 3 purple, 1 red pad. Asking $175 per pair OBO, or $350 for both shipped to the conti US.
  11. Seconding the studded Gnarwal recommendation, they are confidence inspiring. Also want to commiserate on how much elbow bursa rupture sux. I ruptured mine a few years back at the MES, without even knowing that anything was wrong. Two days after the MES I ended up with a giant swellbow, sepsis, a trip to the OR and a hospital stay. Protect those elbows....and pray for snow.
  12. Mr. T


    Got out early again with daughter in tow on skis. Very, very, firm, frozen cord, ridgy, super flat light. Guessing they got mostly rain during the last cycle.... after an hour and a half it started getting to busy to comfortably arc ice turns so my daughter and I headed to the magic carpet for her first time on a snowboard. Highlight of the day was a King burger at Kings Place Bar in Miesville.
  13. Mr. T


    1st time out for the season, started on soft boot setup and decided to stay in em’ given the lack of real estate and abundance of people’s. Many of the runs still have active snowmaking happening and are not full width or are not open. Grooming was OK but ridgey on most runs with the occasional ice sub layer. Fun sunny, 1st day out! Despite no hard boots... Be aware that the Welch website is horribly slow and ticket sale line was crazy after opening. On the MADD Jaxx side the old 4 seater with the pole in the middle of the bench was running but not loading . Four maintenance
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