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2007-ish Never Summer Summit 161


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I'm looking to clear out a bunch of snowboards, one of them is a relatively decent powder board.  I don't ride this now that I have a different powder board, but this is a pretty awesome ride when it's deep and soft.  Don't confuse it for a carving board, strictly powder and super playful.  Images will be posted soon, once I go over the edges and put a fresh wax job on it.

I'm thinking that $150 to your door in continental US is a fair price.  If shipping is less than $50, I'll refund the difference.

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updated pricing and shipping
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I had a NS Premier of the same or similar year. 161 also. Absolute bomb proof board! If I remember the Premier T1 was the big mountain long version and the Summit was the super powder board. Strong board and was great to ride. I'm sure the Summit is, too. Those boards are very high quality. I think the Summit has a slight pin tail.

For $100 this is a bargain. Good luck with sale!

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