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Boot/foot issues


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So I had my first day in hard boots yesterday. I think it went pretty well from a progress standpoint but it was marred by foot pain.  My feet felt fine at first but by the time I got to the bottom of the hill they were a little sore, and the ride back up to the top slowly became unbearable.  Between every run I had to go inside, take off my boots, and wait for my feet to recover. Repeat this cycle all morning.

Lengthwise, the boots seem to fit perfectly, but they are definitely crushing my forefoot across the metatarsals. The boots are used but the liners hadn't been heat molded before I bought them.  I did have them heat molded.

What I'm wondering is, can I reasonably expect the boots to break in and stop crushing my foot, or do I need to take them to a boot fitter?

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I got same thing, and I was riding my boots for couple years like that. Then I complained about it to my friend and we remolded boots properly. Day and night! I was able to ride all the day and unbuckled e, couple of times. You may try to ride without insole, too. To me it's way more comfy.

Long story short: remold em once again. 

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Length might be ok but boot shell width also needs to be taken into consideration. Especially if your boot liner is very thick. I had the same issues as you and i eventually got my boot widened and punched out. This along with a custom footbed made a world of difference. 

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1 hour ago, ellisdeez said:

Yikes, yeah there are no footbeds in the boots.  Does anyone have recommendations for footbeds?

Get custom insoles made by a reputable bootfitter if you have access to one can reasonably afford it. It is expensive, but it makes a huge difference. If you are getting custom insoles done the bootfitter will likeley help you out with any other fitment issues for cheap or free depending upon the place.

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