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Donek MK SOLD!


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This board has never seen snow, had bindings mounted on it nor has it been waxed.  I’ve actually never taken it out of the shipping plastic bag and cardboard sleeve until today when I took these pictures.  I bought two MKs when Donek was holding their pre-sale at $900/each.  I did this because the original add for the board stated it was to be a limited edition to the Donek lineup.  With all of the pomp and circumstance that goes along with boards like the Madds and Tankers, I thought I would buy one MK to ride and one as a collectors investment.  Clearly this is not going to be the case as I don’t see this board’s availability from Donek going way.  There is one difference this MK has from all of the others I’ve seen out there.  I asked Sean if he could maintain the artists original idea and keep the word “Donek” as the artist intended.  So this MK has the original rusty orange “Donek”.  

I just want what I’ve got into it.



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Wow!   Surprised this has lasted even an hour!  

WS7,  you know I would have been  be all  over this if it was a MKFB. (Fat Boy!) .... wider!!

Good luck with the sale WS...........but can't imagine you will need any with this item!!!

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