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stance location relative to vscr?


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Is it best to center bindings on the deepest part of the sidecut? Or, if I measure the running length (board has a VSCR), and find the center point, would I want to center the bindings around that point? What do you folks do? I have always preferred a set-back stance on my soft set-ups, so just curious. Thanks!

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3 hours ago, steven said:

What do you folks do?

Step 1. Take the board to the local tuner for a proper base grind.

Step 2. Mount the front binding in a 'sensible' location, then ride through a series of maneuvers on one foot, up to and including uniform carved turns on gentle terrain.

If the front binding is in a good spot, the board will behave predictably, in a neutral fashion, with no drama.

Step 3. Install rear binding at appropriate distance from front binding, and verify previous findings on more difficult terrain. (Repeat this step on varying snow conditions. When it's right, it's right.)

If the bindings are too far forward, the board will be twitchy and overreactive.

If the bindings are too far back, the board will be somewhat sluggish.

Step 4. Record the measurements.  

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I figured centered on the inserts, but was asking as on my nirvana this equates to my bindings being centered about 2.25 inches behind the midpoint of the sidecut arc. Was just wondering if that is about the norm.

Thx for the patience w/ the noob questions; the obsession in growing....

Just out of curiosity, I'm going to move both bindings forward a wee bit just to see how that feels.

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