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West Coast EC Coiler meets East Coast AM Coiler!


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It's a long way from Cali, but out East on business and am taking a few days to ride.                                                             Had a great day ripping it up with Boiler member Rob Alexander at Loon Mtn. in NH!                                                               It was a blast trying to get my EC SS 177 14-17scr to stay out of the trees on narrow NH trails following Rob on his Coiler AM 176 12scr!!

Great weather,  great conditions  and great fun!  Thanks Rob!

Video to follow!!






BJ2 copy.jpg

BJ1 copy.jpg

Rob and BJ copy1.jpg

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No Photos.........but it was Coiler Day at Loon Mon. the 26th! - Rob, Steve Ash and I .....all on Coilers!   ...and 3 Coilers can do some hard charging slope storming!

Was there by 9am and it was good then, but it didn't loosen up and get extra yummy until around 11am    

I had to head to the airport by noon.......

Video editing sometime this week will tell if it's with posting.....we were using a Sony handycam......and with the bluebird days there was no way to see what was on the foldout screen/viewfinder................ and at the speeds we were going it was more point the camera and hope!  We will see!

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