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I'm considering getting step in bindings for my first rig, so I took off the heel of one of my boots to check it out and this is what I saw (see attached):

That little divot - which is on the lateral/outside side of the boot - is that showing me where I'm supposed to drill?  If not, how do you know where to drill the hole?  The boots are Raichle 125s FYI.

boot heels.jpg

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2 hours ago, ellisdeez said:

@dredmanLooks like the screws thread directly into the plastic as far as I can tell.  Here's the top view.

How does installing the t-nuts work then?  I'm assuming drill through those solid plastic circles and fit the nuts into the holes with the flange on the top side?


boot heel top.jpg

I'd open up one of those four tops, and see if tnuts are there, if not, well, you have to take all four off anyway, get the tnuts and you'll see how they need to be countersunk or sunk a bit, drilling from the bottom blind will destroy any tnuts that "might "already be there, boots are in great shape.

Did a google to see if the boots came with tnuts from the factory, got nothing

Stainless is softer but doesn't rust, use blue thread locker when installing.

I wonder it those tops wouldn't just come off with vice grips?

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