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Nate Holland to paceset at NASTAR Nationals at Squaw


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Nate Holland will be pacesetting the Snowboard Races at the NASTAR Nationals in Squaw Valley next week.  We'd love to have more folks coming out to race.  Nate will be joining the likes of Ted Ligety, Daron Rahlves, Marco Sullivan, Julia Mancuso, Tamara McKinney, AJ Kitt,  and  more.   For a complete list of all the pacesetters click here.

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Cool! He sold me my Oxess SBX when he moved to Kessler a few years ago. He’s roughly the same height, weight and build as me, so it really felt like a custom board! That’s it in my profile pic, taking me to victory (twice) at USASA Nationals  

Best competition board I’ve ever owned. 

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With all due respect to Mr. Holland, and assuming he will be pacesetting in softboots, I have to believe there are some skilled NASTAR hardbooters who could beat him on the same course, just by virtue of the hardboot advantage.

Wish I could have gone to nationals, I guess I will just have to settle for having the best 3-run average handicap for the regular season. :biggthump

Good luck Pat!

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He was blazing fast!  Here he is with my six year old grandson who repeated as Age Group National Champion in both skiing and snowboarding.


The grandson said he needs a longer board...







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I'm back in Vermont now.  We had a great trip.  The weather was challenging and ranged from downpours to blizzards but we managed to get all the races in.  The pacesetters were friendly, approachable, and blazing fast.  The courses were steeper and turnier than we're used to but it was a great experience.  My son-in-law had back surgery three weeks ago and opted not to enter.  Despite his absence, my three grandsons and I took fourth out of eleven Family Teams (AJ Kitt's family won).  My ten year old grandson took third in his age group (skiing), the seven year old won his age group (skiing) and took second overall in the Race of Champions (scored on who improves the most), and the six year old repeated as age group National Champion in both skiing and boarding.  I won slalom (snowboard), took 2nd in Platinum skiing, and won snowboarding (my 12th age group title).  THe remarkable thing is that the kids were all on twin tip skis.  I'm getting them all race skis.  

Daron Rahlves and AJ Kitt were kind enough to pose with me.


  I put together a short video


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Nate was such a nice guy. After he ran his pacesetting run, the guy hung out and watched all the racers ride. Then he chit chatted with everyone and talked body position and gear with anyone who wanted to talk. He was one of the last to leave the race area and took a big group picture with us all. Anyone have that pic?


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