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BPM on Snowboard Run...


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I've always known that riding is more of an anaerobic activity but was always curious as to how high my heart rate got on an average run.  At 66 years old I thought it might be of value to know.  I've started wearing a monitor some days and found that on a typically aggressive top to bottom run at an average western resort (Colorado mostly) I was hitting 150 bpm+ by the time I'm pulling up to the lift.  The good news was that my heart rate recovered to it's active base in less then a minute.  Just curious if anyone has done anything similar and if so what info they might have gotten. 


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I had a FitBit knock-off watch for a while.  I logged 190 BPM during aggressive runs with a slalom board.  Accuracy is suspect, but it was pretty closely matched readings on a treadmill during HIIT training.  If you believe the "220 - your age" rule, I should have died.  ;)  Didn't care, it was fun.  

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I wear a Garmin Fenix 3.  I feel it's underreporting my heart rate when I ride.... cause i feel my heart is going to jump out of my chest when i stopped....

My stats at least according to the watch: running vo2max of 54 with resting heart rate of mid to low 30 at sea level. 

The saw tooth in the end is where I was lapping gun barrel at Aspen Highland.
Grey is heart rate, green is elevation.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 3.27.22 PM.png

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lol; I traded it all just to ride like Corey once :biggthump

"my RHR for Corey's skill".

You know how my lollygagging carving way too well.  make 5 turns; sit down to catch my breath hahaha...

Garmin compress the data/time line in some shape/form(supposedly it's lift aware?) :  As a data nerd I am trying not to digging in...  I often miss the forest for the tree ;-)

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