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Boardercross mystery board (to me) @ Pyeongchang


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Just watched the seeding and noticed the following boards: SG, Kessler, Oxess and one other mystery board to me, which was by far the most popular board. Anyone know which it is? Seems to come in a black or white top sheet with either black or white graphic on top (inverted to the top sheet colour). The base is black with some sort of graphic at the tip. Looks red and white, possibly a Swiss flag.

Tried to take some screenshots but on my phone, these were the best I could manage. They are of the black toosheet version of this board. 



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I've got an Apex Pro Plus 158 (I'm 170cm/70kg) stock board for recreational use, no BX.

Built to last, not the lightest board, titanal, stiff.
Excellent for bombing on slopes, damp, fast, stable and lively, quick edge to edge.

It's not a freecarving softboot board, too stiff (for me), too demanding for carving nice turns at moderate speed, too difficult to tighten turn radius.
I like this board for two hours ride but I'm not strong and skilled enough to get the best of it.
Probably a good choice for BX racers since I see more an more of them on races courses.

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