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  1. I am looking to be up there on Sunday! I might not be in hardboots as i have a bike race on Saturday!
  2. Shucks! I'll be at Jay!
  3. I got up for a bit on opening day and it was awesome! Excellent early season conditions and the earliest the Beast has ever been open! they beat Stratton! Lower comp hat the best snow, it wasn't wall to wall yet but it wont be long.
  4. Today was hero snow! I got a full carving run on hemlock! I'm amped!
  5. The mountain is open tomorrow! Who is in? I lied. They closed it due to the rain.
  6. Game on! Count me in! As of right now the snow is pretty stellar! I'm sure it will be better than last year!
  7. There is plenty of season left!
  8. Dude I can't wait for tomorrow!
  9. I can be there on Saturday!
  10. Valley Bike and Ski Werks in Hadley helped me with boot fitting.
  11. I was there today. The coverage is quite good. Should be a solid carving weekend! What day you headed up?
  12. I was there the Wednesday after the storm and there was solid coverage. I didn't ride the carving board much because the snow was still a lil soft and my legs were still recovering from the weekend. I think things should be looking pretty good for this weekend!
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