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So what resorts will teach carving?


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Ok, so I've been reading the threads about instructors and people asking about taking lessons or teaching on plates and I'm curious - which resorts will teach alpine snowboarding?

My experience hasn't been too bad. A bunch of us went to Whistler a couple of years ago and arranged a full day with an instructor for the four or five of us. She was a tiny girl from Japan named Yuki and rode a burton ultra prime. She was really happy to get the chance to teach on plates because she doesn't get to very often. Even though we'd all been carving for quite a while, she taught us a lot and we had a great day.

I also had a friend who was pretty new to snowboarding (her brother had given her a new alpine rig for xmas) and wanted to get a beginner lesson at Blue Mountain in Ontario. There was an instructor there on plates who took her on solo for a couple of hours. I've also seen at least one Ski Patroller on plates at Blue.



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I had a great all day lesson out at Aspen last year. Like your experience, the instructor was happy to have a chance to ride alpine as they don't often have much interest in the discipline. I think the instructors name was Jeff Smith???? Not sure.

Cheers! Mark

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we will hook you up out at Bousquet. You will probably get two or three instructors, tagging along. It may not be so much of a lesson as a group ride/open forum, But us instructors would love to be told to get out there and get paid to carve for a change...


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At bousquet last season we had almost all the new ski instructors out on plates at least once. Many would jump onto their alpine decks as soon as they were done with their lessons. We also managed to piss off the ski racers for rutting up "their" trails.


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Originally posted by Todd Stewart

Hey I can give you some lessons if you want, I'm currently based out of Glen Eden in Ontario. Its about 40mins from Toronto.

Hey todd - we'll be heading out the mount eden for some evening sessions once the season gets rolling. probably tuesday or thursdays.

zaphod out...


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Guest Todd Stewart

well im pretty much free any weekday morning before 1:00 in the afternoon or any weeknight except mondays and tuesdays (coaching a team mondays and I have school tuesdays)

you can contact me at tstewa01@uoguelph_DOT_ca

email me if you want lessons or just looking for someone to ride with

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Guest dragonfly jones

You can pick up coaching and lessons from Eldora Mtn in Colorado, it's just outside of Boulder and there are plenty of open times for people to come on up.


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I took a lesson last year at Mammoth when I was just starting out on my hardboot set up. The instructor was teaching out of the Canyon Lodge and I can not remember his name. He was a bit older than most of the snowboard instructors and was awsome. He was on a soft boot set up but that did not stop him from laying down awsome trenches and getting nearly flat out on his euro turns.


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