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Anyone had any luck buying anything on Ebay in Europe?


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Just curious. I was looking up www.ebay.de which is the German ebay. Has anyone bought anything through there or is a pain in the neck? Seems to me there is a lot of great equipment we would love to ride but we don't normally have our hands on due to the shipping costs or something.

Anyone have any feedback or forward any past threads from the past. I've searched on it here but haven't found much except those who have bought Virus boards, etc.


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Oh, no. Don't say that. I've envied many an item from eBay Germany. I guess not speaking German is my only barrier now--the last firewall to prevent me from completely draining my bank account. I can't even tell if they'd ship to the US.

Ps- I love that you can still search snowboards by length on that site!

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Being located in Austria, I have often bought and sometimes sold stuff on ebay.de, having trouble about once in a hundred transactions. However I am not sure buying a used board from Europe would be sensible for you overseas guys. I have yet to find a shipping option for boards that doesn't make my eyes water, otherwise the BOL classifieds would never be the same for me :eplus2: Anything over 3' or 4' costs an arm and leg to ship, it seems.

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Lots o stuff bought on ebay.de. You can use your American account, most Germans speak English but I always send the first message in German asking if they speak English using Google Translate. Very friendly to deal with. When it came to shipping I asked if they could ship outside Germany and most said no problem. Obviously some may have sn issue with this as well as filling out the paperwork so you wont pay customs ;) But shipping will be the killer, shipping boots from the EU to the US costs 70 USD. There are freight forwarding companies that may be able to save you big bucks esp if you choose sea over air shipping.

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