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Uncovered Board Carrier Protection


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My family has been using a hitch mounted ski rack because our new car has a glass roof that covers so much space that its almost impossible to mount anything up top. The rack we have now is a nightmare on skis/boards - all the sand/dirt and salt just collect on all of the components and if not cleaned off, destroy the edges (don't ask how I know).

I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for protecting the skis/boards while mounted in the back exposed to the elements. I have thought of typical bags, but the thought of those flapping around in the wind for 9 hours of travel is less than appealing. I was thinking I might just go to a shipping store, buy a big role of the plastic wrap, and wrap/tape them up before mounting them to the rack. I'd think a couple layers of the stuff would withstand the traveling.

I'm going to RackAttack today to check on any other options we might have for a roof rack but I'm not looking forward to dumping $1k on a new system (roof rack and enclosed ski carrier).

I've heard ski bags can withstand the elements while traveling with them - but only for a year or so, which doesn't sound very efficient.

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I have seen a couple hitch mounted boxes. Looks a bit odd and not exactly wind efficient but handy.

I think I would use some covers (sock type made of weather resistant material ) easy to slip over , might even go over several at once or the hole group. Tie off with rope/ bungy.

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I built a top load bag out of fleece lined nylon. It has been in roof racks a few times and shown no worse for the trips. It's fairly tight and has velcro tabs to snug it up once the board is loaded. I think it cost me about $20 to make and if you are interested, I am pretty sure I have a pattern around here somewhere. Message me and I can try and find it if you are interested.

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I sometimes need to throw my boards in a rooftop box, and to prevent scrapes and dings, I just roll them in some fabric and cinch it closed with <a href="http://www.strapworks.com/Side_Release_Straps_Belts_s/51.htm">buckle straps</a>. I bought the fabric at a local craft store - I was going to get denim or canvas, but they had some softshell material on sale, so I bought that instead, thinking it would provide some additional padding. It is not pretty, but it works.

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