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SES - Worth going for just 2-3 days??


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Well, my work schedule changed and I thought I was going to bail, cancelled my St. Moritz space but still have my airfare thankfully.

Now I'm wondering/thinking I could come out on the beginning Sat/Sun. and half of Mon. for SES.

I would fly in Fri. and fly out late afternoon Mon.

So wondering if I would be odd man out with just 2 1/2 days to play? Anybody else pop in and out??

...and now's there's the whole lodging thing (again!) for a weekend...anybody got any floor space or know of bunk space for Fri/Sat/ Sun??

The 2013 schedule isn't posted yet, anybody heard what resort(s) the first three days are at?

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Ink is correct, we have quite a few people who come and go during the week. We tell people if you can just come out for one day, do it! The first three days are a very good choice. Schedule is not up officially yet, but i can tell you it is the same as last year:

- Sat = Buttermilk

- Sun = Snowmass

- Mon = Ajax for AM runs and First Traxs then end at Buttermilk

The good news for you is the airport is just down the highway from Buttermilk. So you can literally ride that day then head over to airport.

Drop us a line if you need help organizing this or have more questions.

Hope to see you there!

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And if you enjoy steep blue or shallow black runs, you DEFINITELY want to do first tracks on Ajax! It's definitely a highlight of the trip for me. Riding through a gulley with like minded people on the sides, then you stop and cheer them on, over and over.

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Sounds great guys! Thanks - I hope to make it!

Fin, thanks so much for the location updates, that really helps!

Without a car, what accomadations are are best located by Buttermilk/Snowmass/Ajax??

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Dang, sorry to hear this :( I'll try and make it up to Lovelyland sometime this season and make some turns with you.


sorry missed you last post. Honestly, anywhere in the valley where you can catch the bus works for all resorts. But if your wallet can take it, staying in Aspen itself is super fun. i know the place there that lots of SESers go to is the St. Moritz:


Hostel like in layout but inexpensive, in town, and other carvers will be there.

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