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Bomber power plate system

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If you ever carve on your softies you need this!

Figured I would review the Bomber power plate as there are no reviews yet. The plate uses the standard TD3 disks and bumpers with the TD2/3 cants. Fin continues his high quality milling and finish with the plate. The first thing I noticed was how the system enables a softbooter to have a huge variety of stance options. One is no longer stuck with small adjustments in one direction. Between how you set the disks followed by how you set your bindings on the plate it significantly increases the ability to tweak your stance front to back and edge to edge.

Once riding the system definitely makes a difference. The board set an edge faster and is less likely to be effected by snow conditions. Being elevated off the board also limits toe/heel drag and enables one to dig "trench digger" like trenches. The board rides smoother overall and with greater edge control. In the powder I found the system to be responsive and smooth and other than being a little heavier than without I had no issues with occasional jumps and freestyle moves.

I look forward to continued experiences, and I'm stoked by how it changes what I can do on my softies. If you would enjoy having more control free-riding and/or carving on a soft boot setup this system is a no-brainer.

For those interested my setup is a Prior MFR 169, Burton Prophecy bindings, Burton Driver X boots, and Bomber power plate system 0 degree cants and blue e-ring. When hardbooting I ride a WCR 185 and TD2s.

Don't wait. Order them now, so you are not stuck waiting for the next batch to be made.

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Due to the lack of snow, allow for the time being only my static input (after all, I have to contribute somehow, not just a lurker) ;)

Just got my Bomber Power Plate system (TD3) with 4x4 inserts (for softboots). What a nice piece of engineering!

The box comes with everything you need to install....heck even the torx tool!

I have been pleasant surprised by the quality of details and finishing, as well as the clarity and simplicity of the installation instructions: all went like a breeze!

Overall install time (including taking pictures and just feeling the soft touch of the parts): less than 10 minutes.

Some pics attached, because a thread is worthless without pics!


Coming up, after the first snow, the dynamic review ;)

Until then, my Coiler Softy will be produced and shipped over the Ocean by Bruce, so I will be quite set for the mountain...

Thumbs up Fin for such a great product and thanks for taking time with a noob like me! I have initially ordered 0 degrees canted discs, but he advised me for 3 degrees both front&rear, and also to take 2 types of elastomer rings, to be able to check the best response for me, so I went with blue (medium hard) and red (hardest). Overall, I am soooo happy!

Best regards all the way from Romania, over the Ocean!




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BTW, anyone using Bomber Power Plates with Coiler All Mountain snowboards? Any inputs?

Not on a Coiler but a Prior BX 163 http://forums.bomberonline.com/index.php?/topic/34477-2011-prior-bx-163/ . I will have more runs on it this season but I like it so far.


Edited to fix the link.

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I have an Incline 160 set up with Flow NXT-FSE binding and the Bomber Power Plates. I wanted a soft boot, all-mountain, carving board. This set up is a little on the heavy side. But I really like the weight, and stiffness, for powering through chopped up "Sierra Cement".

I am always amazed at how quickly I can transition to the edge and the leverage I get when holding that edge. If you have not tried the Power Plate you should. If you ride in Tahoe just contact me an you can try mine. The combination of these two products, from these best in the business manufacturers, always has me grinning from the top of the lift to the bottom.

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Here is what my modified Bomber Power Plates look like with the Boiler Plate lowers (this combination saves almost a full pound off of the standard Power Plates).

I cannot remember who asked me to see them, but here they are...if I were to make other mods, I have a few more ideas, but it would only work with a metal Softboot binding.

sorry for the shoddy workmanship, but this was all done a while ago with a dremel and two hand files.

*Bomber does not condone, recommend, nor retain any liability for this type of modification to their products.*




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Old thread revival time??

Been eyeing these a bit.  Only a couple of riders chiming in above saying that they use these with soft setups.  Would love to hear from anyone else using these. Not too bad price-wise but still not chicken feed so I would appreciate more input before throwing in on these. :)  Anyone tried them and didn't like them or found them ineffective??

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I have a pair but don't ride soft any more.   I have seen quite a few in use.   Trade off.  Super burly , well thought out plate that works with all the cants etc you already have RIGHT!!! :)  Allot of "Tuneability" with different elastomers available and three different sub bases available (Second board kits = TD2, TD3 and BP )    I only complaint I have heard is from those that are "Weight Sensitive"  Hence SVR doing the mod.   I would suggest buying a pair and going to town on your own review?   Good value and they resell well.   IHMO


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I've been riding these with soft boots and am throwing in some more input on this thread because these plates deserve it. Picked some up a couple months ago and they've really exceeded my expectations.

If you feel totally on it already then you might not need 'em, but if your knees feel tweaked at all, or like you're not getting the response you want, these could be the best solution out there. I've found everything in the first post here true.

Pros: Can use with any bindings you like, variety of settings lets you dial in the cant/tilt you need for each foot to get proper bone stacking, less fatigue, decreased boot-out and deeper carves, way more power over chunder, and vibration dampening. Also easy to set up. Cons: A lil heavy for hiking. Not quite as micro-adjustable as Catek freerides but much lighter.

They basically make the ride feel noticeably more comfortable and more responsive, with the trade-off of weight. I also recommend the Thirty Two Focus Boa boots, best balance of comfort, stiffness, and durability that I've found. Cheers-

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