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  1. I've been riding these with soft boots and am throwing in some more input on this thread because these plates deserve it. Picked some up a couple months ago and they've really exceeded my expectations. If you feel totally on it already then you might not need 'em, but if your knees feel tweaked at all, or like you're not getting the response you want, these could be the best solution out there. I've found everything in the first post here true. Pros: Can use with any bindings you like, variety of settings lets you dial in the cant/tilt you need for each foot to get proper bone stacking, less fatigue, decreased boot-out and deeper carves, way more power over chunder, and vibration dampening. Also easy to set up. Cons: A lil heavy for hiking. Not quite as micro-adjustable as Catek freerides but much lighter. They basically make the ride feel noticeably more comfortable and more responsive, with the trade-off of weight. I also recommend the Thirty Two Focus Boa boots, best balance of comfort, stiffness, and durability that I've found. Cheers-
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