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How can I soften a boot laterally?


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I have two days now on my new HSP boots, and they're quite different from my LeMans. Aside from the much better fit, they're much stiffer and initially it felt like I couldn't move my ankle at all compared to my old boots. However, as I got used to them, I noticed they're much more responsive than my old boots, and I was putting quite a bit more power into the board as well, and it was harder to blow out of a carve. So the Heads are definitely staying, and I just need to get used to how they ride.

However, I'd really like to get just a little more lateral flex out of the boots. I've read all the ways how to make the boots' ankle move more freely, but I haven't seen anything about how adjust a boots lateral flex.

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Front boot? Rear boot? Both?

When you say 'lateral' do you mean you want more movement only away from your midline, or more movement both medially and laterally?

What do you hope to gain from this extra flex?

If you simply need a bit more 'cush' in the cuff, you could install a section of neoprene to one or both sides of your liner. Other possibilities exist depending on the answers to the questions above.



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