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Skis for wife: recommendations?


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She's an intermediate who likes her Head "Hot Thang" 163's, but they're getting a little old and losing camber. She likes slaloming down pistes and is really getting into carving linked turns. Not interested in hitting maximum speed, but is searching for more control on hardpack/ice.

Since we live in Switzerland, and the Franc is in our favor, I've been looking at Kessler's Pandora http://www.kessler-swiss.com/en-US/products/ski/thePandora and these skis from a local company called Radical http://www.radical-sports.com/english/frame/f-ski.html.

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I haven't ridden the Kessler's but I do own a pair (two seasons old), of Virus Skis. VERY spendy but I can't imagine a better carving ski. I lay trenches with the LCI, (Loveland, Co crew), the difference is I leave two trenches. Also if you're looking at skis with early rise, rockered etc... bear in mind they are VERY squirly on the flats/runouts.


Feed the addiction...:eplus2:

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Cool. Do the Doneks ride the same? Are the materials exactly the same, or are they a close approximation?

By the looks the construction and finish are exactly the same. But you should ask Sean.

About the ride I can't tel much since I'm not skiing and my wife is at intermediate level and the only Kesslers skis around (in our group) are custom made for 90kg advanced carvers so a direct comparison would be irrelevant.

Talk to Sean (he is great at customer service) and tell him what do you want and let him do his work and I'm pretty sure you will get a great product.

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You may also want to consider the Palmer P02. I found them on clearance at the end of last year for $284. They were designed by Kessler and built by Head. They are metal with the early rise tips. They can go fast, but still carve very well going slow as well.


I don't think these are a good idea for an intermediate or part-time carver. My wife has them and doesn't like them. She is more of an old-school slalom type fall-line skier. She's a good aggressive skier but there is very little true carving going on. The P02 has a very tight sidecut and the bindings are mounted smack in the center of the ski. Next to her previous pair of skis which were the same size, (Volkl Supersport 5-star, which she loved), the bindings look about 4" further forward. Point is, they're not great for not carving. They're designed to be rolled from side to side and carved always. They're like two little skinny racing snowboards. Other skis can carve very well while still being more versatile and forgiving.

Another caveat about skis like this is that with such a longer tail, the danger of knee injury is greater due to the increased leverage back there.

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