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Seeking Ibex Universal Cant - Need Canadian Assistance :-)


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My old Burton universal cant is developing some rotational play and I need to replace it. Only place I can find online that sells the Ibex clone is yyzcanuck.com, and they apparently won't ship the universal cant to the US. (Undoubtedly some dip-wad US lawyer led to that policy...) Anyway, I'm interested in purchasing one with some help from a Canadian fellow carver. Anyone willing to receive the cant plate for me and forward it on? I could pay via credit card and have it shipped to a Canadian address, then PayPal you the shipping costs to send it to the US.

Please PM me if you're willing to help a fellow carver out!



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I used to use one of those unicants and a little slop was actually normal.

You can fix it by building up the plastic where the metal tabs engage the cant.

Use marine repair epoxy.The smelly stuff that comes in a roll that you mix like modeling clay.

It also helps to put a couple of pieces of double sided tape between the topsheet and cant.

good luck. I saw one of these on ebay the other day for $70...yikes.

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Dano - I was kind of wondering if there wasn't something I could do to snug things up a bit. I'd thought about wrapping the little tab with some metal shim material, or even just duct tape or such. Epoxy is a good idea, since I have the angle set to where I like it - its not like I need to be changing it. It just seems to have gotten worn over the years - either narrowed down the tab and/or widened out the slot a bit. Definitely way more noticeable this year though.

I saw that used one on eBay for $70, and thought 'no freakin way', but by the time I've purchased the Ibex one, shipped it w/in Canada, then shipped it to the US, I'll be past that. :-) On the plus side, my current cant is on the 3rd board, over the course of at least 10 years, and I originally got it used, so I should expect to get a whole lot of use out of the brand new one.

Curious why they won't ship the Universal Cant to the US... Seems to clearly be a liability thing since its just that one item they won't ship here. Anyone know if these are/were prone to catastrophic breakage or such? I've never had any problems w/ mine (up until this recent sloppiness, which is still rideable, and as pointed out, likely fixable). The old Burton stuff isn't real sexy, but I've got to say, my RacePlates and Universal Cant have served me very well over the years! (I suppose being a 135-pounder probably helps a bit. :-)

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Corey, you are correct. Bomber Industries carries the IBEX products and therefore we can't ship into the USA. Similarly, we don't ship DeeLuxe products into the USA for the same reason.

Sorry for the problems Jim but I see you found a way around the market restrictions as this one slipped through the system.

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