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Magna Traction


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I demoed a 172cm Lib-Tech Skunk Ape today at my local resort. Compared to most race/carving boards is more flexible and easy to carve on hard pack. The only thing that sets this board apart from others is the magna traction edge design. I'm sure most people are aware of this design however for those that aren't, the edge is not smooth like you would see on any carving or soft deck. It is bumby in a sense creating many contact points along the edge length. Look on line if you are interested to find out exactly what this edge is all about.

While riding this board I quickly realized where its strength would be most appreciated and it is definately on ice. This board is unbelievable on ice and hard pack. The board just will not let go of a carve until you want it to. I had it on green, blue and black diamond runs and the board just would not let go of the snow. It wasn't the best soft carving deck I have ever been on, I leave that title for my Status board, however the grip on hard pack and ice was unsurpassed. How come carving and race decks don't apply this technology to their boards? If you ever get a chance to ride a Lib Tech or other company board that has the magna traction technology. I wouldn't place hard bindings on it because you'll probably snap the board in 2 but those who are willing to ride soft boots give it a go.

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Magnetraction = a crutch for people who can't set an edge.

The reason it's not on race boards is that those wavy edges would slow you down.

and before you ask, yes, I have ridden a magnetraction board. I agree the edge grip is good, but it drags.


If you've been on hero cord and had boot out that slows you down without affecting your edge hold, you've felt how Magnetraction feels all the time.

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I would like to see it tried on a short SL board that I would use for bullet-proof days. I don't think the drag would bother me then - I don't want to be going too fast on ice anyway.

However I can imagine they are a PITA to build, I think I'd be looking at a $1500+ custom. I'm out.

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I just got one also - the 190 Skunk Ape. I will probably bring it to SES.

It seems to be sold on the marketing hype of having multiple contact points; I don't get that at all, when it's on edge, I'd think you'd get more snow contact with a straight edge. Less drag also.

Lib sells some tool for edge tuning. It doesn't look much different from a regular file though.


I like the look of the board, and have always wanted a Grocer or Doughboy, and they don't make them anymore, so this is what I ended up getting.

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I think the magna traction is great.. for people that like to know that their edge will hold when they hit a patch of ice. the thing is, they are probably not in a body position that allows good edge hold in the first place. So the board will help. the theory is great and lib tech is selling the tech.

I do know that not one of the serrated edge boards will hold as well as my alpine board. If you can get on top of you're edge, you will not slide on ice/boiler plate.

Oh yeah, I saw the sharpening tool they use for the edges. Its pretty silly. might as well just sharpen where the board hits the snow anyway.

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