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Question for BTS users!

Jeffrey Day

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If you can believe it, I'm getting out for the first time in 2 seasons this week-end! So I'm going through my gear to make sure everything is together and all tightened up and ready to go.

Happen to take a look at my boots/BTS and the springs caught my eye. I've noticed that the yellow coating has been chipping off of the springs over the course of who knows how long I've had my BTS on my boots. I think they are from the first year that Fin introduced the BTS.

Anyways, getting side-tracked, but today I noticed that the springs are starting to rust. Are the springs supposed to be replaced due to age/wear? Has anyone out there replaced their springs because of this? Has anyone re-dipped the springs in that tool-dip type stuff?

Just curious!

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Two years Jeff? How did the legs feel?

Guess you need to buy all new and pretty ones. ;)

The coating chips over time.

I wouldn't do anything unless it bothers you. You could brush the rust off with steel wool or a synthetic scrub pad. I cannot imagine it is very significant.

I certainly would not grease them or put anything on it that will get on your pants or attract dirt.

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Paint coming off will have no effect. However, repeted compression of the springs will result in some lost height and an increased stiffness of the spring. If they are that old and used then you might want to replace them at some point. This happens with coil springs on a race car. After a season of use a coil spring will become shorter and if you test the spring rate then it will gain some stiffness. Like a spring rated at 200 lbs compressed at 1" will read 210 lbs after a lot of use. Think of it like bending a piece of metal over and over. It will become more brittle until the point of breaking. It also loses some elasticity making it effectively stiffer.

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Two years Jeff? How did the legs feel?

Yeah, the legs are screamin' at me now after 2 days out there. But with this big storm barreling down on us tonight, I hope my legs can muster up enough energy for one more day!

Back on subject, I didn't think it'd be a big deal. Just thought I'd throw it out there.

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