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SkES 2011 Daily Rub In


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Here is the schedule of events for this year:

Day 1: Last Tracks

Day 2: Tried for a switch carve clinic, but couldn't make it happen - so we'll just ride! :)

Day 3: Short Board Clinic

Day 4: Official Day Off

Day 5: Eurocarving

Day 6: Long awaited release of technological innovations - available only at SkES!!!!

Day 7: Final day of riding, followed by a special surprise event and the farewell banquet.

We're looking forward to a fun filled, action packed week! Can't wait to see all our old friends and all the new friends we have yet to meet. :1luvu: This event is all about camaraderie and sharing the spirit of the carve, so check your ego at the door and come have fun with us!

Today is a travel day for most participants, so we will be kicking off the event with a Snow King exclusive: Last Tracks - night riding! But as we wait for the gang to show up, let's do a little tour of Snow King Mountain.

Located 5 blocks from downtown Jackson, Snow King was the first ski area in Wyoming and now offers 3 lifts (2 doubles and a triple chair) and a surface tow to access 1571 vertical feet and about 400 acres of terrain by day and 110 at night. They claim about 20% beginner terrain, but true beginners know it's more like 20 square feet. :eek:


1) Snow King in summer.

2) Hiking up gives a great workout and awesome views.



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2 Ravens I am sorry but I will not be able to make it to the event this year. I wish you and the whole SkES gang a wonderful time! Say Hi! to Rabbit for me!!
Hey , we can still do the backwards clinic! I got the word from the doctor and he say's it's ok to ride:D What about breaking the long standing tradition of holding this at the King and move to the village just today??? Should be pretty nice!!!

Dredman - we know you're having fun in Northern Montucky, and you'll be here in spirit! Rabbit sends wags and says she misses you and your popcorn! :p

Casper, I can't ride until tonight. :( But maybe tomorrow....?

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As dusk approaches, the crew arrives! Amazing to feel the stoke and excitement as the carvers gather at SkES House. Can't wait to get everyone settled in and out on the hill tonight!


1) Greetings from arriving participants!

2) Unpacking all the requisite gear.

3) Perfect! Everyone brought their own hot tub!




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So this will be SkES in the year of La Nina.... weather has been all over the map with big dumps followed by melting and rain, then sub-zero temps leading to fine downhill iceskating conditions. :eek: Looks like that trend might continue. Warmed up today, with even a little rain after dark. But a little crazy weather can't dampen the spirits of enthusiastic SkESers!

We start off with a Snow King Expression Session exclusive: Last Tracks! A little night riding seems like a super fun way to get the event going!


1) Giddy carvers gather for the first ride of the session!

2) The town sure looks purty from the hill, all lit up.



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Even the King has a powder day once in awhile! :p


1) Weather Bear says there was a chance of snow last night!

2) The excited crew pulls out their pow sticks and gathers for their first morning on the King.

3) This is what we hate so much about Snow King - 5 minutes before the lifts open, and look at the crazed crowd that has gathered! :eek: Not to be deterred, we'll just claw our way to front of the line. :AR15firin




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1) We're headed to the top today - where we fear to tread on carving boards. No groom and lots of rocks up there. :( But should be good fun on the powder boards!

2) Good thing there's nothing steep on the King.

3) Looks like a little weather still going on up top by the Patrol shack.




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1) Non-stop smiles today!

2) :o Confession time: as much as we love scraping 6 inches of fluff off the icy faces of head-high moguls, we really had the most fun on the cat tracks today. Sweet soft pow over actual groomed snow and no one around except the uphill traffic! Dreamy! :p:ices_ange



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Short Board Clinic! No boards over 155cm! Come find out just how much fun per centimeter is waiting to be unleashed in your favorite slalom board! :1luvu:

Warning: This short board clinic is not recommended for carvers with low self esteem or compensation issues. Participants who experience sudden feelings inadequacy or uncontrollable urges to buy a ridiculously long board should immediately seek professional psychological help.


1) No Long Boards! We don't care how cool you think you are, if your board is longer than 155cm, don't bother to show up because we're not cheating for you!!! :eplus2:

2) Ah, a sweet little 152 - perfect! :biggthump



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1) The eager carvers gather with their favorite slalom boards - ready for a day of tight radius fun!

2) Hmmmm.... the King has been very skimpy on the grooming this year. Difficult to see in the super flat light (for you and us too!) but this is the widest groomed run we could find today, and they only did 3 passes with the groomer. :(



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