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Snow Days

Mark Brown

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So, here in the Washington, DC area the local schools are closed after about 1/2 inch of snow - with the threat of another whole 4 inches tonight. No milk, bread, or toilet paper to be found! The end of the world!! We're going to die!!!

Contrast that with Université de Sherbrooke in Quebec where my offspring is in her first year:

"This is to notify you that even in the most severe cases of snow, hail and winds, the doors will always open to welcome students so that there is no interruption of their learning. Take note that THE UNIVERSITY WILL NEVER, BUT NEVER CLOSE. Thank you."

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I think we might have had 2 snow days in my 4.5 years at UNH. College is definitely different from public grade schools.

I went to a tiny boarding school in NH for high school and it was a 1/4 mile walk from my dorm to the schoolhouse. They never really closed the school for snow ... but ... we didn't have a normal physical education program there: whenever it snowed, we skipped school and went to Sunapee or Temple Mtn. It was friggin' awesome, and almost always midweek, only in my adult life did I ever learn about the horrors of weekend crowds.

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As Mark stated, here in N.VA area closed schools today. I hope they issue another snow day tomorrow so that slopes are empty on Friday when I visit. :eplus2:

When I went to college (GMI) in Flint, Michigan, the school had a underground tunnel that connects from dormitory to all the classroom buildings. During 6 years of my time there, I didn't have any SNOW DAY, not even with 40" snow. :eek:

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