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Ok this came out all wrong.

Puddy Tat

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Well I was the only carver out at Rabbit hill yesterday. The morning was hard chalk, and I was leaving some nice hard-sided cuts in it on a "blue" run in the morning. In the afternoon it softened up a bit and I moved over to the single "black" on the hill and carved that a few times. I came back to the blue just before I left and ran down it a few more times, catching my thumb in one of my ruts and lightly spraining it.

My wife asked me how the day went and I happened to say "It went great until I jammed my thumb in my own trench during a high speed layout." Yeah she burst out laughing too.

Had a list of climbing terms that sounded dirty but actually weren't. Things like "Nice rack", amongst others. Anyone up for a thread of carving terms and phrases that sound dirty but actually aren't? These could encompass anything to do with carving/waxing/board maintenance/board names etc.

Moderator's feel free to move this to OT.

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I ride in Québec, because I live in Ottawa. The first language there is French, and as my mother is a Francophone, I'm totally familiar with the Francophone ESL tendencies. I will admit, however, that this one caught me off guard.

I was standing in the lift line, a couple of girls next to me. We end up getting on the same chair, and they start asking questions about my board. When they noticed that the tail was not like the nose, one of them asked me:

"How do you do it from behind?"

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"Corey I expected your monster to be bigger than that."

Everyone in earshot just stopped walking. I think a tumbleweed rolled between the open-mouthed skiers!

This whole sorrid tale is only made funnier by the fact that I just just been introduced to Corey about 15 minutes earlier.

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