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It's Miller Time!

Pat Donnelly

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Check out "SCHEDULE 04-05" as a few venues are offering free lift tickets / vouchers.

WarmUps- October 2004

By Competitor Magazine

The first snowfall is just around the bend, which means it must be Warren Miller time. For 55 years, Miller has been inspiring snowsports fanatics with his action-packed films that take viewers to some of the most beautiful and pristine locations around the world. This year’s film, IMPACT, continues the tradition of featuring some of the world’s top skiers and snowboarders venturing on untamed adventures and promises to make an impact on everyone who comes to see it. From the jagged peaks of Chamonix, France to the wide-open backcountry of Montana, from the death-defying steeps of Alaska to the snorkel deep champagne powder of Steamboat, Colorado, the film will get your anticipation level for ski season going full throttle.

IMPACT features the most women ever used for filming a Warren Miller movie. Charlotte Moats, Jen Berg, Jessica Sobolowski, Hannah Teter and Olympians Wendy Fisher, Hannah Hardaway and Kelly Clark help prove that women sometimes turn the board(s) better than the guys. Miller vets Glen Plake and Chris Anthony continue to raise their skilebrity status. And don’t miss adaptive skier Sarah Will and her true ability to pop turns in Vail’s half-pipe. To find out where IMPACT will be showing in your area, go to www.warrenmiller.com/wmiller/

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It's been a while since I went to see one of his movies, a couple of years. Last time I went, the price was decent and they had something like 5 representations. Now they only have one, and it's 23,56$ + 2,75$ fees, it's ridiculous. And the 2 for 1 voucher for Tremblant they give at the representation is not even worth it. I wait until my cousin or someone gets it with satellite tv or something like that to see it.

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It'll be playing at the Flynn in Burlington, and Sugarbush usually kicks in a free ticket to moviegoers, but it's only goods in the early season (like before Christmas week) - good excuse to pull out the rock board. Unfortunately, it's been a while since I've seen any carving coverage in a WM filck, so I have to revert to my tele persona and dream of powder and pins for the week after the movie shows.

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