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Lambert wins again!


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I find Michael's helmet somewhat interesting. Last year, the Director of Racing at our club, who barely tolerates snowboarding, issued this edict that all snowboard racers must wear hard sided helmets and not the ones with the soft ear coverings. For "safety" reasons. I should send him a copy of this photo.

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I will. My daughter quit the club after 2 races with her brand new, $300 POC helmet. Grrr... Not mad at my daughter. I'm still mad at the Race Director.

Not really the race directors fault for implementing a policy to do his best to protect your daugher from harm and injury.

Keep in mind that most clubs are set up around skiing and they enforce rules that are based in a ski world.

At FIS and USSA ski events you can only wear a soft eared helmet in SL ONLY, GS and all other events you MUST wear a hard eared helmet. The director probaby assumes that the helmet rules are the same as in ski racing and if your daugher was racing in GS then she would need a hard eared helmet.

It's also not the race directors fault your daugher did not stick with the program for longer than 2 races. She needs proper saftey equipment regardless if she was to do one race or a full career.

On the snowboard side the helmet rules were tightened up for this season, and after KP's injury they may be tightened up again.

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I was in Cypress a couple years ago, Now I can understand why they picked it for a venue, because of its proximity to Vancouver. But I would have bet 100 dollars back then that they would have had weather and snow issues back then. I feel sorry for the Athletes, if the conditions continue it will be a real downer. :confused: Its no wonder they have no webcams on that hill

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Last year while working at the world cup at Cypress, it was very cold and dry...so dry that they couldn't hold the PGS race due to snow conditions.

Although Vancouver can have a reputation, one thing that we can't predict is the weather (unless you fire special missles into the air to make it rain like in Beijing). They will make it work, my thought is that the best snow-minds in the world are looking into this to make sure that the venue has the best possible snow conditions for the events.

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Yup, they've got the snow stashed in giant mounds, covered with tarps + all the men-made they managed to pile up in the first 2 months of the season... Should be enough. My only worry is that without freezing temperatures, they won't be able to make the GS course hard enough. With other disciplines I do not see much of a problem...

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