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Speedster vs.Proton?

Guest Jim Pryor

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Guest Jim Pryor

As it is getting closer to that magical time when the smell of hot wax is in the morning air equipment for the season is on our minds. With a surfing backround I like to bring a shortboard and a longboard to the hill on a corduroy day. This year the 184 Rossi will be the longboard but am considering buying a 172 F2 to replace the Oxygen Proton. Have talked to a few Alpine enthusiasts that think the Proton is the way to go. Any thoughts on this? jim

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I like this thread. Based on some extensive talks with a group of very good and regular carvers at Kirkwood (Tahoe), I got myself a Proton 178 (have a volkl 163 sl as a short board for crowded/less ideal days). Then exchanged a few more emails with carvers in europe and studied some reviews and concluded that Proton was a better choice for me (as I am not the greatest carver around, so I could use a more friendly/forgiving board, which meant again proton).

I also looked at F2 and found out that those are extremely good boards as well, but I heard that they need more aggresive work and they are typically performers for hard packed snow and icy conditions, (which you don't see often in tahoe).

just my 2 cents

P.S. Okay, I am weak....I just ordered the oxygen LTD 170 too, hoping it would fit somewhere between my volkl renntiger and proton 178. Time will tell.

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I have had every size F2 from 172 to 186,, friend has the 196.. I think F2 is the best bang for your buck.. super stable great in everything.. I think the oxy 178 is just way to soft in the nose and a bit squirrely!

Ask Hiroshi! The F2 182 is what got him goin in Tahoe!

My choice would be the F2 hands down.

What year of board is it.. they had different charecteristics as they got younger.


If you don't know where your going it don't matter what road ya take!

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Originally posted by Shred Gruumer

Shred says Hiroshi trader! tell him get back on the F2 if he knows whats good for him!

Uh-oh, I'm busted... :o

Yes, it's true that a Shred-blessed F2 got me going, thank you. After Shred's big-old yellow 182 Speedster, I scaled down to another (used) yellow 172 Speedster. Speedster's flex was perfect for me. Then those yellow F2 sticks found a good home, as SteveD of Tahoe's "Team Speedster" still puts 'em to good work, carving up the slopes in Tahoe. ;)

I got a neon-green Proton 172 because F2 changed Speedster spec. Proton's flex was quite tough the 1st season (I'm only 5'8"/150lbs), but it finally started to relax last season to my liking. So I got to humbly join Tahoe's "Team Proton" of JohnK, RobS, Jimfa and such. ("Hey, guys, wait for meeeee!")

Eh, Shred, aren't you also riding on Virus and custom Doneks nowadays, by the way? "Hiroshi says Shred trader!" Just kiddin'! :D Anyway, I hope you can make it to Tahoe this year.

Hey, this was my 1st Bomber post this year, and it's only October...

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