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Suitable Helmet for carving


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are you talking about motocross helmets? liket his one?


This type of helmet people use in motocross, mountain biking, snowmobiling, and boardercross. They are slightly heavier, and your field of vision isn't very limited. If you like the style then get one. They are very hot on spring days with lots of sun, but in mid-winter, it's just right and your neck-warmer doesn't freeze over like it usually does.

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You could use a motorcycle helmet, but it's overkill. Motorcycle helmets are getting lighter and lighter (the expensive ones anyway), but they're more than what you need on the slopes, and are still much heavier than good ski helmets.

Contrary to popular cruiser-biker myth, there is no sacrifice of field of vision with any full face Snell approved motorcycle helmet.

I can vouch for the Giro Nine.9 (seen here).

It's very light, comfortable, and has great variable ventilation. I feel no different wearing that helmet than wearing a regular knit ski hat. I came from a Boeri Myto which was big and clunky. I didn't like it very much and therefore didn't wear it that much. I was also previously reluctant to wear any helmet at all. I grew up without helmets, so I didn't really feel the need. But I have no qualms about wearing this Giro every day I ride. (Well, except for those 60 degree t-shirt spring days of course) It's just as comfortable as any other hat I would wear, so why not wear it?

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Guest Randy S.

I wouldn't wear one of my motorcycle helmets riding (why is it that all the sports I like require helmets - must say something about my adrenaline addiction). They are too heavy and not vented enough. Despite the fact that I wear a motorcycle helmet in 100 degree heat, it would be way too hot on the slopes. My first ski helmet was unvented. It was like wearing an igloo cooler on your head. I sweat so much that after one season I needed a new helmet. Now I only wear light, well-vented helmets. If its really cold, I'll put the ear flaps on. I do own a Giro full-face helmet for racing, but rarely wear it. Even with its vents, I find it too hot. Visibility is fine and if you get cold easily, its probably a good selection for you. I think its a model called Fuse SC. What I'd really like is the Giro full-face bike helmet they make (full bicycle venting). Unfortunately they only make it in size s/m or m/l and I'm an XL no matter what.

BX riders really like full-face helmets. Also if you expect to be extreme carving, I'd think it'd be nice to have. I've scraped my cheek on the snow and its not a pleasant experience.

BTW Choob, do you know about TahoeCarvers? Its a group of carvers from the Bay Area. Come hook up with us if you haven't already.

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if that is a picture from ebay (i assume it is) than i would not recomend buying the helmit. I have used a RED helmit for several seasons and it served its purpose well until i had fallen on it a few times. If you wanna gor for a red helmit, go for it, but i wouldnt buy any helmit used.

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Originally posted by chooblaykhan

thanks everybody for the wise comments.

If you are set on full face look at BMX helmets...they are light and have good visiblity...Prymes are good and there are others...I prefer an open face but may pick up a full in the next year or so

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"I was wondering if there was a possibility of a neck injury with the rigid extended chin guard".

I'm in medical profession and I can't see how the chin guard can cause neck injury. One thing I know for sure is that once I am willing to carry a helmet along with the con's of its weight and everything else, I rather protect my jaws and teeth with the rest of my head!

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