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I know this probably doesn't affect many of us in here, but I seemed like a good place to spread the word...

IMPORTANT NOTICE concerning the following six models of Rossignol snowboard bindings that were sold in the fall of 2003: HC 500 black/silver and grey/yellow, Zena, Unit Pack black/silver and green/red, HC and Unit Rental. We have had reports of several baseplates of these bindings breaking. No accidents or injuries have been reported, but, any potential risk to our customers is unacceptable to Rossignol. In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, we have instituted a recall of these bindings. ONLY Rossignol HC 500, Zena, Unit Pack, HC Rental and Unit Rental bindings are affected. Other Rossignol snowboard binding models are not affected. Consequently, in order to reinforce the integrity of its products, our parent company has decided to launch a recall campaign. The goal of this campaign is to take back every one of the affected bindings, including those already in the hands of consumers. In order to do this, we need to have all HC 500, Zena and Unit Pack bindings returned to us. Please do not ride the affected bindings. Return the bindings to the Dealer where you purchased them, or if that is not convenient, the closest Rossignol snowboard Dealer. The Dealer will exchange the bindings or give you a refund.

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Aren't Rossignol bindings private-labelled Emery's? I know their Step-ins, including boots, are Emery.

(I have a Rossi Undertaker 198 that I sometimes set up with Rossi SIS, aka screen door-latch binders, for really soft days that are clearly stamped, EMERY on the binding and on the boots while still flying Rossignol nameplate, too).


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I actually had the same 198 ready to sell here on BOL and Freecarve.com in hopes of securing an Undertaker 185 (which still may happen before 2005). I took a final ride on the 198 on a fresh day with 6 inches new (on top of 12 new). I moved the binders up to the nose a bit more than normal and BAM! Sweet spot heaven.

So, now it sits in the corner waiting for its once or twice a season outing. What I'd really like is an Undertaker 185. I have a super-secret Rossi connection that allows me access to warehouse goods from time to time. Mind you, I can look but, I must pay retail just like the rest of us. Sometimes, like with Rossi letting go of their alpine line, I get access to G-stock for a clean picking. Usually, G-stock goes to Ebay-types who reap nice profits on their investments. Uh-oh, too much data.

I've never had release problems with Rossi/Emery SIS binders. The usual clogging problems on icy days. The 198 feels much better with hardboots than SIS softies. Although, the Emery F5 boot is VERY stiff and has almost no heel lift on the Black Beast.

If money were no object, I'd have a new Winterstick Swallowtail. Plus, whatever I could get from European sources for swallowtails. A boy can dream can't he?


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