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summer training


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Guest Ghostrider

Plyometrics are awesome. Jumping rope is one of the best. There are alot of exercises you can do without equipment too. Try Google-ing 'plyometrics' and you'll probably find all sorts of exercises.

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I got into jumping rope earlier in the spring, but my knees didn't like it too much. In lieu of that, I let a heavy bag know just what I'm feeling. ;)

I also ride mountain and road bicycles(legs and cardio), and a longboard(form/balance).

When it's raining and/or dark, or I'm feeling lazy, I work out my thumbs on Xbox. :D

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Core workouts are excellent for snowboarding, as well as streching. I think people go to the gym too much to prepare for the season and they forget about their cardio fitness as well and their core and flexibility. It's still early July focus on getting a good solid base of cardio before you hit the weights. Move toward light weights with high reps early next month (2 sets of 15-20 reps) twice per week, while continuing your core and cardio. Move to three days per week in Sept. and add weights (3 sets of 8-12 reps). Don't just focus on legs in the gym try to get a total body workout, using pushing and pulling mucsles. By late October add some power lifting to your work out one day per week, while continuing you full body the other two days in the gym.

This is a greatly simplfied plan but it's a good place to start if you have never done much dryland training for the winter.

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I believe that any training really will help. I would think that those that really want to improve will develop plans that target their weak point(s), whether that's cardio, muscular strength, muscular endurance, or even flexibility.

I've been inline skating a lot (rollerblading), it's a great cardio workout and can def. improve the musc. endurance of your legs, particuarly your quads. Of course it requires some balance, and much like snowboarding, you can make it as relaxing or extreme as you want (for the serious speed freaks / adren. junkies, you can always bomb long roads (like Gravity games i guess) It's also much more gentle on teh knees than running, esp. on a treadmill. I personally believe weight training will be much more beneficial for me, though (if I ever get back in the gym)



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I just got back from two days of downhilling at Northstar at Tahoe with a carving buddy. Unbelievable! Nothing is better for the heart, lungs, legs, arms than bombing down a resort mtn.

Kirkwood has a sissy mtn bike setup compared to Northstar, don't bother to go to Kwood. No peddling uphill, the lifts take you up. Bring a bike with some decent front and rear travel, body armor and some cash...black diamond runs are very spicy, but the double blacks are core. Check out the website


Also included last weekend...four rounds of disc golf at the Auburn and Truckee courses.


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I ride my road bike, go in-line skating and climb mountains with an alpine load to prepare for snow season.

I have been known to strap on my snowboard and climb Mt. Baker by its standard route in the middle of the summer, just to snowboard down the Roosevelt Glacier.

It's one of the benefits of living in the Northwest.


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thanx for the tips everybody. the old thread was helpfull (sorry i didn't check back that far :) ) i do mostly endurance stuff- i play ice hockey and bike as well- but it just seems like every time i get on a big hill-ie:anything more than my home mtns 750vert- i go to jelly after about 8-10 hrs riding (not all at once-that's usually 2days) all i know is i cant ride or play golf cuz in bflo weve had like 16 days straight of rain.

ps. i'm 240lbs- those sissy squats make me feel like a sissy-aptly named! :)

later chris

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Guest Matt D

A trainer at my local YMCA did a program for me last year. We talked about what my goals were for the program etc.

The best exercise I found was walking lunges. I did 2 sets of 25 per leg. So you do 50 lunges... wait 45-60 seconds... do another 50 lunges. You only use body weight so you don't need any equipment. It works on muscular endurance or endurance with high load.

I really noticed a difference this winter.

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