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Nope Kryptons are a new mold.

Original Raichle molds are too used by a pretty new Italian company run by a former well known italian racer, can't remember the name right now. Overall there are 4 companies producing skiboots with Raichle Overlap principe at the moment if I got it right.

Wouldn't buy any new ones however, in Austria you can get old Flexon Comps in pristine condition for 20-30€ if you look around. They hold up so well, that if they are not broken they are still good.:1luvu:

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so old plastic is better than new plastic depending on the vintage???

makes me love my 123's & gran prix's even more:1luvu:

no, not really.

If you manage to find some that are old new stock and have not seen sun they are probably good as new but the new liners utilize newer materials with better design.

the dalbello liners are vastly superior to the 80's raichle liners.

Kryptons are slightly different than flexons but from having both boots in hand at different times the krypton is a better boot than the flexon or full tilt.

I have not ridden in kryptons though so maybe I am missing something but skiers who have had both like the kryptons and don't indicate they are any worse than the flexons.

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