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looking for Flexon Ski boots


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Bob, go to the Whitefish website and sign up for their newsletter. They have a 3 for 2 deal that I took advantage of last year. Hopefully they'll do the same this season - they had it during the summer. The on-hill we stayed at was great, a 100m walk to the lift.

Kalispell has some cheap accommodations and it's a half hour drive to the hill from there. I think last year I could have got a motel there for about $56 per night.

Flexons - http://www.mec.ca/Apps/outdoorGearSwap/gearswap_detail.jsp?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302884105&refNo=160443&category_cd=Snowsports&sub_category_cd=Boots&bmUID=1220478182697

I don't know how big they are, and they want top $$, but they look new. You could get a set of old Raichle snowboard boots for less off here, though.

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i have a pair of hardly used black and flourescent green 9.9 flexons. i bought them brand new in 1992, then my high school hockey coach found out that i snowboarded, and that was the end of snowboarding for a while.

when i got back into snowboarding in 2001-02, i just went with a pair raichle af700's. they have a very comfy ceraminc fit moldable liner and a intergrated power strap. all of the origional buckles, and no cutting modifications have been made, so you can still use as ski boots. im not sure on the size of the boot, but on the bottom of the heel it reads 326mm. im almost sure that they are a 28's. i use 27's now and i remember that i bought them a little big, as i was in my growing years when i bought them.

$25 + shipping.

let me know, i can also send pics if they're the right size for you.

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