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  1. I need to replace some cables. Also what is the proper etiquette for releasing and entering the binding. I may be wearing out my cables early. Also do you guys let them flop around at the boot top or do you constrain them somehow. Pics if you have em. Thanks
  2. I bought some FT boots this year off ebay for 108.00. With a little heel lift the boots fit really great, they have the intuition liner. I was thinking why not pair them up with Fins new "sidewinders" to provide lateral flex. I,ve got the jibbers super soft tongue and flex seems close to my AF 600 boots with blue spring BTS. I'd try the Flexons for sure. Bob
  3. I have ridden them and they are fine. I now have the Bomber steel receiver and it is really really nice. The hole seems a bit slotted so the pins find their home position easily. You can almost hear it snap in. Ride the Cateks for the year no biggie. B Intecs on Catek OS2 with Bomber heel receivers is a nice set up. Bob
  4. use footbeds, I like superfeet. dont crank down on that second buckle.
  5. As a certified old guy I recomend Full Tilt or Raichle Flexon with intuition liners and short parabolic skis. I ski 175cm at 200lbs. Comfy and fun. Enjoy the kids while you can. Bob
  6. I ski a bit and bought some Full Tilt Camos after sking in Flexons last year. My advice is get a pair and some cheap skis too. I will rotate them on to my boards this year. It is all fun. Bob
  7. There is quite alot on Gilmour Bias but how much is "a lot" of bias. My board is a Donek FCII so it is like an aircraft carrier. I can dial in an inch of bias and "Boot Out" and "Angles" are still normal. How much Gilmour Bias do bias users use. Is half an inch alot or a little? Thanks all. Bob
  8. I have Intec heels and OS2 bindings with the long plates. I have tremendous latitude in centering the boot over the board centerline. Where does the boot belong on the frontside and on the backside. I could set it up so that i twist toward the front of the board a bit. Any opinions on this Any articles on this. Thanks, Bob
  9. My Catek OS2s came with 12mm overalll lentgh screws with the original elastomer. I now have the D3 elastomer and longer 14 mm screws. I measured the depth of my inserts and I could use longer screws say 15-16mm without bottoming out. I have to tighten them several times in the season. My questions are, viz 1) should I use the longest screws possible? 2) should I use locktite red anerobic adhesive on the screws? 3) Is it normal for the screws to back out over time?
  10. where is the best snow early season. Afton?
  11. The hill Batman rides requires leashes on all alpine equipment. I think it is an insurance thing :)
  12. Most GPS units update your position once a second. Some GPS dataloggers are available that update 5 times a second. These would be better on the slopes. Only the most recent units use the so called SIRF chipset that looks for all the satelites at once. this low power comsupmtion chipset is super sensitive so you can look through the trees (whitefish). All in all i fool around with my eTrex Legend unit (Garmin) on the snow but the data is not all that interesting. Regards, Bob
  13. Jack: I have a pair of Burton Fire marked 25.6-26 on the lower shell. They have Intuition Liners and are intec compatible. You can have em for the rest of the season. No charge! Pease dont mould the liners. If you like them I'll sell them to you for 125.00 at the end of the season. If they dont fit well just give them back. Send me an email and we can hook up. Bob
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