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Burton board question "E" series


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Did Burton make a "E" series board?

Or a board with a "E" on the top sheet within the past few years?

It may have been another letter but im sure it was a "E" and that was all there was from what I saw on the top sheet.

I dont know if it was a alpine board or not.

Thanks in advance.

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The E-deck was later renamed the Wire, which was later renamed the Coil. They are all "all-mountain carvers", similar in shape to the Prior 4x4, etc. I believe the Coil was the carviest, since it basically replaced both the Wire and the Alp (freecarve board).

Any of these are great for beginner/intermediate carving and all-mtn hardboot riding.

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I have owned an E-Deck since 1996. This board is an easy carving board. I ride it with Burton Race Plates. It's name refers to the line of boards associated with softer carving Decks. This board is excellent for people who don't want to have to drive hard turns. Its flex is softer allowing for easier turning in hard conditions. I ride it on ice but don't ride it on softpack. It is a terrible board for soft pack. I was wondering why you are interested in this board??? Not to many people ride them. I have other race boards and only take the E-Deck out on days that I'm just cruising around. I will also drop into the park and ride this board switch. It is a fun all around board.

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I was up in vermont at sugarbush (end of feb). There was a lady who I was talking to who had a E deck. And I for the life of me could not figure out what the board was called. She had hard plates on it and all. I think she rode it as a all around board. (she made a comment to me of something like if she wore soft boots she cant ride for crap)..got it direct from burton as a closeout or something... Just stuck in my mind.

I was hoping to try to find on for my collection .. Dont know if they make them bigger than 165sh though..

I set up a search on Ebay for them, but no one really has ever put any up.

mabey spring cleaning will help ..

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