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  1. Guess I'll just keep her for my son who is moving to Denver from GA. Kid was linking turns within 30 mins when I taught him to ride about 13 years ago when he was 12.
  2. I originally listed her as a KR70 and was in error. Here's my latest posting:
  3. Circa early/mid 90s Oxygen Dangerous 170cm taken care of well. Original graphics are of a snarling doberman, but when I purchased her used, I was in my neon yellow phase and painted her with Krylon lacquer paint with quite a few clear coats. Before storing, she had a beveled tune from Edgeworks and still has storage wax on her. She was my main board for many years, being extremely quick edge to edge, but after many happy trails down Loveland, she has become a bit noodley. Would be an awesome 1st carving board for someone to learn on especially if they were on the lighter
  4. I still have the board, but since a heart attack that sent me to the very peaceful dark side in 2012 (they brought me back) I haven't ridden at all. That fire is just no longer there. ☹ If anyone wants her, I would be willing to part with her for free. Local Denver pickup only. 173 cm. Charlesindenver@gmail.com
  5. I'd like to get in line for this one too. Can you throw some pics at me as well? denversnowcarver@gmail.com
  6. Orange County CA - Not my boards. Just happened to see these and thought I'd share. http://www.shopgoodwill.com/auctions/Airwalk-Snowboard-Force-67-16760095.html http://www.shopgoodwill.com/auctions/Airwalk-Snowboard-Force-67-16760159.html Currently at $9.99 a piece
  7. Changing to SATURDAY..tomorrow...... James, BM, ennywun? ;)
  8. I still can't believe I sold my NEW 197 Burners to Doug Dryer and Bola for $75.00 each back in early 200something. Oh, the pain...oh, the pain..... shouldn't the good Karma have kicked in by now???
  9. (insert crickets sound bite here...) :(
  10. I MAY be heading up to make some turns tomorrow and quaff a couple of sparkling beverages in the pub in between. First time this season. (Been a rough year financially) But, it IS my birthday (59)...the wife and kids will just have to understand, eh? Trying to score a cheap, Craigslist ticket.....Anyone else making it up? -Charles
  11. Man, that was so long ago. I barely remember them. I am sure I deleted any pics from my HD to free up space long ago. But being a cyclist myself, I imagine you may be able to "rig" a derailleur cable to work. Just have to figure out how to secure it. Brian S. or Billy or maybe even Fin might be able to help? Best of luck with your search.
  12. James, you old relic... I probably can't make it up til after the holidays this year. Sounds like things are looking up for you since last we spoke. -Charles
  13. No way...I think that 197 Sims Burner in the pic is the same one that Doug bought from me years ago!
  14. Youse guys are gonna hate me. I'm picking up an E Deck from someone here in Denver this weekend for $50 WITH plates!
  15. I am definitely planning on heading up for closing day. (and maybe THIS Sunday...we'll $ee) Apparently the mini-gut I've acquired since my hospital trip last August makes it very hard to get in and out of my plates, so until I get rid of the bloated gut, it's gonna be the Switch stepins and the all mtn/pow board. <p> Besides,...I owe Don a sparkling beverage ...or two....
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