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Longboard for snowboardlike carving?


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Hi all!

I'm totally new here...

I've been tinking of getting myself a longboard for at least a year now.

I'd like to get something that would be the best substitute for alpine snowboard carving. I don't know much about longboards, but I've been thinking of following (I find them interesting by looks :o ):

Landyachtz The Wedge-Flex

Pogo TT Citycruiser 110 cm

Arbor Bamboo Pin

Loaded Vanguard Bamboo

G&S BlackTip Pintail

Gravity Carve 46"

Kauna Pipeline

Lush Bahari

Motion Bigfish

Sector9 Goddess

or maybe some other?

What's your suggestion?


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check out


C7 trucks have a really sweet carving feel, esp short radius turns.

we were riding my buddys new Laird 36" last night until dark. The more I ride it, the better it feels.

Even at slower speeds it cranks turns. You have to be careful not to get wheel bite and launched.



we're running 65mm carver wheels


which are a good deal for $25, really soft 78a

the new gumballs are HUGE 76mm and need a cutaway board, maybe one of the new Chubz specials - Vicarious Skates -Hammerhead




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Bob the Dervish is just a drop through Vanguard more stable and better at highspeeds from what I've heard.

Force C7's are essentially a Randal RII 180's hangers with a DH baseplate only made much better than Randals (C7's are speed trucks not carving trucks) the R7's are just better made RII 180's. You can find Force R7 Clones on Ebay for a song

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Thanks guys!

I don't know yet how fast am I gonna learn to ride this thing, but I'm definitely more after some lower layed turns than "slalom" turns when carving a longboard! I hope I'll be able to do that in some time :biggthump

Does this change anything in choosing a board for me?

Thanks again!

P.S. and this is what I'd like to look like when I grow up. at least in this style ;)


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Yeah its in Anglet, just 1 minutes of Biarritz and yes Tom lives here, I think he loves this surf spot!The Basques country is a very beautyfull area and a good place for surfing and snowboarding :biggthump

In the vid we didn't have yet randal R2 180 trucks but with this trucks and kripto wheels and bindings, the board carve really really nice, its just amazing cause i turn like on a carveboard but without speed wobble. Its really close to snowboard carving feel, the best i ve tried today with the flexboardz. Its not easy for me to explain what i feel with this board cause my english is not really well :)

I will show you a vid of the carving possibilites with this board soon

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your english is actually pretty good. Look forward to seeing some more pics and vids. Don't hesitate to post.

We're planning a trip to Paris and Amsterdam next month, the wife and I.

I wish I could get to the coast, it looks like incredible surfing and a very cool town:biggthump



my high school level french is pretty bad, but I can get by


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I got myself a dervish and its the closest to feeling like I'm on a snowboard I've ever had this summer. The carveboard looks sweet but I've never tried it. The downside of the carveboard is that you can't slide so it would make it hard to do what you want to do safetly. I don't know aboute the carvestic though.

From what I've seen, the dervish can carve the hell out of 90% of boards out there.

if you want to do what

are doing, id say a Landyachtz DH race or evo, but thats because they look stable. For carving, defintly the Loaded Dervish or Vangard. Good luck man. :biggthump
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