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Calling Eric J and all others for ECES


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I'm thinking of going to the ECES this year. I had the chance the second year it ran but ended up going to Killington to ride with an old buddy instead. I was wondering if anyone else from the northern NJ and lower NY area is planning on going. Maybe a large car pool could be arranged. I'll drive.

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I would like to go towards the end of the week and the weekend. I'm thinking about leaving on a Wednesday night and coming back on Sunday night. I guess that would be 3/5 to 3/9. I have been talking with my wife about it and this is going to be my get away trip up north this year. I try to go away for a couple of days each year and this year I really want to go to the ECES.

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I would love to go to ECES this year......but I have more important matters to attend to - I'll wait for the next one to roll around. I hope you guys have a great time.

JT, I'm sure I'll see you out at least one time at the Creek - I'll be on my usual Mon. - Fri. early mornings schedule for riding, with a few weekends thrown in.

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I'm sure I will see you there and I will try to get there in the mornings on my winter break. I will keep you posted. Sorry that you can't make it to ECES. I was telling my buddy Dennis about you. He lives in Vermont and could give us a place to stay. The only problem is he is about an hour from Stowe. Well hope to see you riding this year.

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JT -

ECES is not to be missed. I'm sure you'll have a great time. One of the best aspects for me was being able to ride different boards one right after the other - it really highlights the differences between shapes, metal vs. conventional, different brands etc. THE best part though was meeting and riding with soooooo many great people/hardbooters.

I won't be going because my wife and I are expecting our first child to arrive in early March. I'm loving every minute of this experience.

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don't listen to Eric..... he'll talk you into letting him sleep on your couch.... and then have the nerve to cook you a full course meal.... damn mooch if you ask me..... :D

Hmmmm.... maybe I could make the ECES this year... hitting the SES for sure....

mmmmmmmmm, SES

I hope you're doing well Mellow - you're probably riding already aren't you. Have fun on the short bus.

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I have never try hardboot before(going to my 5th season this year on softboot). Will the ECES an overkilled for a complete newbie? Or is it worth going?

I realize that I have zero talent for pipe/park and I spent most my time grounded. I have seem alpine gear in action and it looks like tons of fun.

Any pointer is appreciated.

One more thing: Anyone deal with the following vendor below? It's seems to be the only alpine game in town for people living in the tri-state area.

The Starting Gate, Inc.

P.O. 267

Route 30

Bondville, VT 05340





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Come to ECES - it will give you a chance to try out a lot of different gear and ride with a friendly bunch who are usually more than willing to give pointers.

I deal with startingate all the time. a couple of their employees post here occasionally. They are a great bunch of people to deal with. I have bought 2 pairs of boots, 3 pairs of bindings, and a board there. They are one of 2 shops that I know in New England who carry alpine gear, and they know their stuff.

Also they are some of the best bootfitters I have ever dealt with and do a great job of tuning.

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