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Liner Question

Guest Tom H.

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I was planning on upgrading to a pair of thermoflex liners this year.

Over the summer I bought a tele set-up to try something new and so that I can ski with my 4-year old. I haven't been on skis in 20 years... this should be interesting.

The Scarpa T1s that I bought come with what they call Plusfit liners. They look just like Thermoflex. I haven't had them molded yet but plan to in the next couple of weeks.

So my question... Do I now have liners that I can switch between tele boots and carving boots?

Ideally not the best solution, I understand, but with season passes, ski house and my wife’s new Arbor to pay for I'm just looking for some efficiencies here.



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Once the liner are molded to the boot they are Molded to that boot, the out side of the liner will form to the inside of the shell. Any swaping you do will lead to pressure points, foot cramping, premature wear in the boots the liners where not Molded for. You will however love the comfy fit in the Boots that are matched to the liner. I would suggest not skimping the budget for your feet, they are the most important part of having a good day. :)

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Tom H.

Bordy is dead on, moldable liners are not only molded to your foot but the shell as well. A tele boot shell is VERY different from a hard boot shell and you would have some big issues most likely.

I tried this once just because I was lazy. I took a Thermo liner out of my SB boots and put them in some Crispi tele boots. I paid dearly! Cramp-O-Rama. Came back, molded the liner to that Crispi shell, Comfy-O-Matic.

Now keep in mind Bordy has 6 toes on his left foot and his right foot is usually in his mouth. Also, he is a professional "Clog Dancer" and he has an amazing tolerance for foot pain. I once saw him wear size 4 pumps for over 8 hours while singing "We are Family" on stage. He is like a Ninja in drag. Amazing.

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I've gone single-liner way for high-altitude backcountry for me (for comfort and weight-savings): single intuitions molded in raichle sb325 shell, and using that liners in lowa civetta mountaineering plastic outers for climbing, long approaching and other tech work. never will look back. BUT will never take this way on resort/carving usage also: having like Fin experience in my raichle's thermoflexes in other guy head stratos shells of the same internal size - just to try. Hurt-O-Rama for sure.

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Back in the day when Raichle made thermoliners and Scarpa did not, many folks simply change the liners between the Raichle numbered boots and the Scarpa without any serious problems. The fit may no be perfect in the touring boot but it was much better than the stock.

Fast forward to the present, with Scarpa having the original Raichle thermoflex liners and Deeluxe with a made in China imitation, the situation may have a new twist to it. The made in China variation is less quality and lower performance than the real McCoy that Scarpa now have. Note Scarpa took over the manufacturing slot vacated by Deeluxe. So, for the extra $50.00 in price the Scarpa replacement thermoflex liner is a much better deal.

Now, depending on your riding and touring styles, you may save yourself $200.00 by remolding your Scarpa liner in your Raichle boots and transfering the liner back and forth, a pain in the a##.

Generally, most riders, particularly racers, are in boots at least one size too small so the horrow stories you hear (Bordy, etc) are true. On the other hand, most freecarvers who do not race anymore quickly recover the lost sizes and makes liner switching much easier, as boot tightness is much reduced.

In short, try this out first before you shell out $200.00 for the best liner in the business, Scarpa thermoflex liner. Going with the China-made Deeluxe liner is a step back into the dark ages.

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