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  1. Hello Bill, Glad to see you are still riding. I know last time we rode together it didn’t turn out great, but I am still riding in Mount Shasta. If you are ever up on a Saturday, maybe we can take a lap or two. Kyle
  2. For you Bay Area riders with kids! I just found this on CL. Older Rosi 152 with TDs! $50 The guy will not ship it. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/spo/6029711370.html
  3. Erazz that was it! A minor percussion tuning and she fits like a glove! Thanks for the advice!!
  4. I suppose that the bindings in question is relevant information. Today I was riding Catek OS2s (Thanks DrSchwartz) but I have also had a similar problem with the SnowPros.
  5. It may just be me but I am having the hardest time making my heel bail stand up and get my boot in. Today I stood at the top of the lift for about 8 minutes trying to get my heel bail to line up before I actually unhooked my front boot to get a better angle and hold the bail in place. Is there an old timer's secret to getting into these things? I spend more time trying to clip in than I do riding. Help Please!
  6. I like my Three-finger mutant gloves from Outdoor Research. https://www.outdoorresearch.com/en/mens-highcamp-3-finger-gloves.html They keep me warm like a mitten but still allow me to move.
  7. I just picked this up setup for cheap. Besides the obvious bindings-on-backwards, can anyone tell me anything else about this board?
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    No Pow, No Problem! ??
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