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  1. Thanks for the interest guys! These have been sold.
  2. Unfortunately super high arches and some toe issues and the fitter wanted more room in the shell to work. He said I would be better going next shell size up. Been out of the game for a while so taking his word....though it cost me. I struggle with finding the right hunting boots and was hoping I could finally get it right the first time....nope!
  3. Hi Arn, I am a 9, now they felt good when I put them on, but my boot fitter said I should go bigger? I am going on his word, but definatly cost me. Let me know if you want anymore information or different pictures. Have a good evening! Todd
  4. Bought brand new in spring, shutdown came, never used. Went to get fitted and to small, my mistake, no experience with these. Had to buy bigger pair. 500.00 shipped anywhere in CONUS. Thanks for looking!
  5. Getting back into it after 16yrs! New OES Sputnik 178 Wide!
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