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  1. Ron, I ride ~57 front/53 back, on a 20 cm waist Coiler Nirvana or Donek FC. I have two non-Sidewinder sets of TD3s I've used for several years. That would be great if I can try the yellow pads first, although it might not be for another week or two. I'll let you know after then if I'd like to trade or not. And thanks for the option.
  2. Looking for a full set of blue E-pads for the step-in version of the Sidewinder (I was told the E-pads for the standard SW are slightly different?). Would be willing to trade a set of yellow pads. Thanks!
  3. I'm into my second season on the RC10s (MP 27) and am also very happy with them. I switched from Deeluxe Suzukas for what seems to be a prevailing reason: moderate heel lift in the Suzukas no matter what I did, and pretty much zero heel lift in the RC10s. I was OK with the stock Flo liners. They weren't super comfy, but I didn't have the squirminess or other issues others have complained about. I did heat mold them a bit with a hair dryer, which helped with a couple of minor hot spots initially. The toe area fit was great from the beginning, which was not the case with my old Deeluxe
  4. howdy snowsurfer

    if this guy doesn't want um I would like to buy um...

    power plates...

    thanks, west carven

    1. Snowsurfer


      He bought them.  A high school kid who wants them for boardercross, so it went to a good cause  :-)

    2. west carven

      west carven

      howdy snowsurfer

      thanks, west carven

  5. Be careful, working in Gresham... With sufficient snow, Ski Bowl can be great. Decent enough carving in the Lower Bowl (slow lifts give me a lot of time to recover), and superb steeps and trees in the Upper Bowl. The problem so far this season, as Keenan indicated, is a lack of snow. They still haven't been able to open the Upper Bowl, and the Lower is pretty thin. Timberline or Mt Hood Meadows would be a better bet this coming week, and each are only another ~20 minutes from Ski Bowl, depending on traffic.
  6. West Carven - for now I prefer to keep everything together as a package.
  7. Bump: So I scraped and brushed the storage wax off, cleaned the topsheet, and noticed just what great shape this board is in, actually better overall than the 8.5/10 I claimed earlier (even with the repaired nose ding). Sure, it's an older, long-discontinued model, but a really fun and slashy powder board, and even a decent carver. Probably best for someone less than 200 lbs (which I exceed by about 5 full six-packs). Some more photos...
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