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  1. I bought it new in early 2018 and it's listed as Swiss made on the top sheet. dave
  2. It has the normal 2x4 inserts of course as well as UPM. And yes I'm for sure interested in selling it. dave
  3. My K168 is the go-to board on weekends when I need to take up less space and grow eyes in the back of my head. My K185 is a weekday board when I'm the only one on the hill.....that said it's being replaced by a custom K180 with an adjusted radius and stiffness so the stock K185 will be for sale. dave
  4. A week or two ago I contacted Hansjuerg Kessler to order my second custom from him (my 168 is just so good that I need a GS version) and I look forward to having it arrive next fall. At the same time my lovely and intrepid wife Karin is on a back country ski trip in Iceland. She's a full time ski instructor and guide and her gift to herself after a long winter of caring for others is to go to Iceland and hire a guide and enjoy some of the best back country skiing on the planet. Her guide this year is a gentleman named Dario. Karin and Dario get to talking and Karin tells him that her husband (yours truly) is an alpine snowboarder and Dario asks what brand of board I ride. Karin tells him I ride Kesslers and his face lights up - "I'm friends with Hans Kessler!" Dario explains that Kessler lives in a small village where there are no cars and the only way in/out is via a tram and then he pulled up this video that was made to promote the village. Hansjuerg is featured in the video. So two skiers, on a snowfield in Iceland, talking about alpine snowboarding and husbands and friends. Fun stuff. Dave
  5. The hill is now closed for the season but about 10 days ago we had what ended up to be the last great carving day of the season. I was on a fun blue run called "Thunder Road" when the general manager of the ski area pulled me over. I assumed he was going to complain about the trenches but instead he was asking if I could teach him to carve next season. How cool is that? He then asked me to ride in front of him and he videoed me from behind with his cell phone. It came out better than one would expect. Unfortunately he pulled up right as the trail got steeper and more fun. He told me a few minutes later that he was giggling too hard to continue and if you have the sound up you can hear him lose it at the end. I'm riding a K168 custom here. It's an awesome board and so much fun. dave https://www.facebook.com/david.kirk.142/videos/2282963401765026/
  6. David Kirk


    I suppose that if you were too look VERY closely at the upper mountain you might see my tracks but that's not the point of the photo. This was taken yesterday at my home mountain Bridger Bowl and I just loved the super white snow and the super blue sky. Montana has it's moments for sure. dave
  7. Cool photo Jack - Our local hill Bridger Bowl does a daily video and I just saw that I made it on a few days ago. This was apparently shot from above with a drone. It's a very steep pitch that requires the rider to get the turn done in a hurry so as not to get going too quickly. Fun stuff. Riding the custom K168. My segment is about 30 seconds in. dave https://youtu.be/GEbAJ28nak0
  8. David Kirk


    Another near perfect morning of carving Bridger Bowl. Empty slopes and firm edgy grooming. This run is directly under the Bridger chair and pretty darn steep and oh so fun when the conditions are good. Four days in a row soaking up the perfect conditions and my legs are telling me all about it. dave
  9. Yes....the answer is yes. dave
  10. David Kirk


    There's some damn fine carving conditions at Bridger Bowl Montana at least for the moment. What a great morning in the sun on the Kessler 168. dave
  11. Right you are of course. Thanks for the info. dave
  12. As an instructor and clinician I always stayed away from using the word "stance" when referring to anything other than the width and angle of the binding set up on the board just to keep it simple. But I totally get what you are saying - thanks for the response. dave
  13. Got it....I assumed that was the case. I've always called that an "open" position. dave
  14. I don't know the nomenclature.....what do you mean by "+ stance"? dave
  15. You're spot on. It's all conceptual and hard to quantify. I think the BTS is certainly part of the deal. At the same time I was using the BTS for a good while with the Sidewinders before swapping over to the F2. So I was able to make an apples-to-apples comparison. And I also agree that some real world measurements need to be taken. i've got a pretty good shop and space to do that work in but i feel strongly that both the binding and boot need to be cold before doing the test to remove that huge variable. The SW living room carpet test give MUCH different results than when you are out on 10° snow. This will be a bit of a challenge and suspect that I'll need to use my chest freezer to bring things to a consistent temperature. What do you think? dave
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