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  1. I am going to research this some more and speak to my doctor about BHR, if its a fit for me as I am very active. Carving 35-40 days a year 2 softball leagues, Mt and dirt biking, wake boarding... Great to hear the encouraging info from the mouth of the experienced bionic carvers. Thanks again, Clint
  2. Thanks for the encouraging information, i go Under the knife Dec.12th
  3. Does anyone still ride hard boots after having their hip replaced or know anyone that has. Thanks
  4. Amen, I put a BP plate on a T"ess" effortless with this type of riding style. All forward, Lower your outside hand.
  5. JB Weld it back together. Couple of big C Clamps and two 2x4's use something thin to get the epoxy in deep, good as used!! My NSR tail delamed 3 years ago still holding strong. But yes my Kessler 180 has something about it that makes it bite more. Not as forgiving as the NSR. Would love to try a 168 Kessler though would have to try it before buy it cause in my mind its too short. I do wish my 180 was shorter though.
  6. One will state ski's can not carve as tight as a board. This is a whole different level of comparison, one i do not think alpine can compete with. You would end up in the net with just your bindings connected to your boots and possibly very broken!!
  7. I do not see this board on the site. I have a T177 and am looking to find out what is a similar board from Donek. So I don’t buy a similar Donek. I want something more stable, lay it out board. Don’t get me wrong I like the ax just don’t want something similar. Thanks for any input.
  8. Loon I’m up till Sunday late. Thanks LMK.
  9. Ill take the fintec's if not sold. I'll pick them up this weekend.
  10. ahh!! Might be too soft... thanks. Still would love to try it, just like every other board made.
  11. Interested I had same board non T. What are the Bruces magic #'s and do you have any idea on the weight range.
  12. SITD3 3 pairs never had a problem!! Da best!! At least for free carving.
  13. I have a Severe Terrain that I ride w/ plates love it. This looks amazing!!
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